After 2 days of delays due to the wind we finally got to try and get up to the mountain today and run qualifiers. This is a very similar situation to what happened last season at this event, we had to sit around a lot and wait…

As you can see me and pat are pretty over sitting in the café…

Today’s contest was tough. I have been noticing this season that the judges are looking for absolute perfection, even more than they usually do. It seems like if you so much as lift a finger during your run you will get docked an insane amount of points. So I figured I would just try really hard and focus on being super smooth in my contest runs. On my first run I kind of went a little big on the second jump and opened up a bit, I still landed the rest of my run perfect but like I was saying the judges are looking for perfection so I did not score well.

I was sitting out of the finals going into run number two, but I was feeling confident about my run still. Everything was going perfect in my second run, until the last. damn. rail. I came into the last rail and for some reason just took off a little to far to the left and came of the rail a little early and that was it. I was so bummed because this has happened to me a couple times before, I have managed to land my entire run perfect and then have a minor mistake on the bottom rail. This is something I will need to push through and keep working on because it has happened to many times.

I still put down the run I wanted to and despite the mess up on the bottom rail I just have to stay positive. This is fueling a fire in my gut for the next contest in Italy and I cant wait to get there and try even harder.

We now have a week before the next contest and 18 hours to drive…. So we are going to be doing a little road trip down to the next event and hopefully we will visit some cool places!

Stay tuned!